AI [Tomorrow Summit]

# Wearerunningtothefuture

24-25 March 2023

Artificial intelligence…

Today's technology, not the future...

A technology that will create an economic volume of 15.7 trillion dollars by 2030…

Artificial intelligence will have permeated every aspect of our lives in the near future.

From the moment the start button is pressed, there will be an effect that we will almost feel the speed of the world's rotation around itself. This is exactly why we organized the 1st AI [Tomorrow Summit] on March 11, 2022 with the slogan of "Don't be late for the future" to increase the knowledge and awareness of our society on this issue.

1. At AI [Tomorrow Summit], we discussed artificial intelligence in detail with 15 special sessions, 63 national and international speakers who are experts in their fields, and we broke the participant record among online summits with 3,094 individual participants.

2. We are already experiencing the excitement of increasing our tempo at AI [Tomorrow Summit] and holding a 2-day online summit with 20 special sessions, more than 80 national and international speakers who are experts in their fields. At the same time, we aim to break new ground by broadcasting from Metaverse Studio in some of our sessions.

Last year we said "Don't be late for the future", this year we say "Running to the future".

We invite you to participate in heated discussions on artificial intelligence, listen to success stories, access corporate solutions and research data that has not yet come to light, share information and create an artificial intelligence network at second edition of AI Tomorrow Summit.

For the first time in Türkiye, AI [Tomorrow Summit], in which artificial intelligence-focused studies will also be rewarded, will be broadcast online and live to the public on social media platforms.

We say “Running to the Future” with AI and we welcome everyone to the 2nd Edition of AI [Tomorrow Summit].