AI [Tomorrow Summit]

# Wearerunningtothefuture

17-18 February 2023

The Artificial Intelligence Policies Association (AIPA), which was established in order to raise awareness about the world's most advancedtechnology artificial intelligence and to create a platform for the development of the industry, and which is one of the first non-governmental organizations on artificial intelligence in Turkey, is an independent association established in February 2021.

With the vision of being a leading non-governmental organization that produces artificial intelligence policies all over the world, especially in our country, our association has carried out various activities in 17 working areas, from education to energy, from health to environment and climate, and contributed to policy making processes.

Organizing many trainings and activities related to artificial intelligence, preparing research reports and presenting them to the public, has signed various academic and global collaborations.

This year, AIPA will host various panels and workshops on 10-11 February 2023. AI Tomorrow Summit 2023, with a much more comprehensive program, bringing together local and foreign speakers who are experts in their fields with the motto of #wearerunningtothefuture.